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Trampled Flowers

By Mark Niedzwiedz

Once so cute in a roomful of smiles

Snuggled in a blanket, warm against the world

Toasted by uncles, adored by aunties

Born to be kissed, mama’s little girl

How did you come to this?

Unknown, unloved, on the edge of the abyss

Teacher’s at school, gave plenty of hope

Bright, full of mischief, you ran and played

For many long summers there was no hurry

To taste strong wine, just sweet lemonade

How did you come to this?

Shuffling, broken, your life in bits

Circles of friends, rounds of romance

Inexhaustible youth to beautiful bride

Daddy gave you away, hoping that forever

You’d outshine the stars with those baby blue eyes

How did you come to this?

Aged, worn, muttering from sore, cracked lips

I’ve pictured your life as I would have liked

No clue to your sadness, why seems no one

Will give you a bed, wash your once golden locks

Now matted and grey, to everything, numb

How did you come to this?

In doorways, in shadows, no fat on your ribs

And so, I give a little money, a few ticks of the clock

For I am no saint, just as she is no sinner

How I wish I could do more than raise my fists to God

Straighten her back, instead of crawl back to comfort, slither

For now I know poor, trampled flower, how you came to this

We all failed you love, just when you most needed it

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