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On Writing Poetry: April is National Poetry Month

by Eva Marie Cagley

Celebrate, Celebrate dance to the poetry!

It’s National Poetry Month in April!

Let’s all join in the celebrating of the art of poetry. “Show what a difference your verse makes on the world. “Perhaps you are writing new poems. I know a lot of poets are posting a poem everyday this month to celebrate the art. Some have new books coming out. I know I’m doing more reading.

April is the National Poetry Month. It developed in 1966 organized by the Academy of American Poets it has been celebrated in the United States ever since and in 1988 Canada joined in the celebration. It was inspired by the success of Black History Month and Women’s Health Month held in 1955. In 1998 the Academy of American Poets joined the American Poetry and Literacy Project and donated 100,000 free books from New York to California during National Poetry Month. President Clinton and Hillary hosted a gala at the White House and featured Poets Laureate’ Robert Pinsky, Robert Hass and Rita Dove.

In 2001 The Academy of American Poets invited people to vote on their favorite Poet that they would like to see on a postage stamp. The outcome was sent to the United States Postal Service and they issued a stamp with Langston Hughes in January of 2002.

The Empire State Building on April 5th, 2005 was lit up with blue lights to mark the 10th anniversary 0f National Poets Month. Poem a Day is now a daily yearlong practice after the National Poetry Month of 2006 published one poem a day during the month-long celebration.

Each year a poster is selected by the Academy for National Poetry Month. With a 150, 00 some given to libraries, schools, and community centers for free. The purpose is to celebrate poetry each April. More and more poetry is published during this month and bookstores hold frequent readings. The National Poetry Month suggest writing a poem every day to celebrate.

We will see you all in April with a poem a day to celebrate! In the mean-while Pen On!

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