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Flames of Crimson

D.A. Simpson

Flames of crimson

Blazed across the powder blue skies

And melded with the hues of lilac and apricot

That bloomed in the sky crepuscular

In a riot of colour spectacular

As dusk settled upon the realm

And the world grew silent and still

The transfer of power celestial to await

When drew to a close

The reign of the mighty monarch of day

Wearied now of its onerous duties burdensome

When to the new incumbent

The sun the heavenly throne did cede

That great orb of night renowned

As slowly it ascended the lofty wall of night

In a shroud of deep blue begarbed

While a smattering of bright stars

Across the heavens scattered

Into view did emerge

The world to illumine and the way to light

Until morn dawned anew

~ d.a.simpson ~

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