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Dragons in the Clouds

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Dedicated to the children of the world who are often called away too soon, taking with them all the magic. For those who love them and must carry on without them, this is for you.....with love.

Dragons In The Clouds

by Susan Guest (Ladywildalice)

He laid upon his bed of pain

and watched the world go by,

watched all his friends outside, at play,

and never questioned "Why?"

His smile, it rose from deep inside,

it radiated, bright,

so often falling, without strings

upon all in his sight.

He faced each trial, each effort made,

to keep him by our side,

never complained, always so thankful

for each thing they tried.

How often I would come

into his room,only to see

he wasn't there, but with some child

who was sicker than he.

He'd hold their hand when they were scared,

or make them laugh a while,

he'd tell them stories, children's tales

all, just to see them smile.

And as their journey came to end,

he'd bid them to move on

into the light of peaceful joy

that lay beyond, beyond.

He often spoke of Dragons living

in the clouds on high, and when his pain

grew stronger, he would point up to the sky.

He'd say "Look, look! The Dragons have

arrived, they're showing you, the strength and

beauty of their magic in the skies of blue."

Then he would fall asleep. I'm sure in

dreams his Dragons came, swooping down from

the highest air and bellowed out his name.

Because he spoke, when he awoke, that he had

often flown above the gorgeous face of

this, the Earth, that he'd called home.

His eyes, dulled from the pills he got to

take away the pain, would brighten, for a moment,

as he spoke of Lemon Rain.

Of blooms that smelled like bubble-gum, and

lakes of malted milk, of rocks that bounced

and willow's flounced in velvet thread and silk.

The days grew short, the nights ran long,

machines soon were the only song that chirped and

rang the bells and gongs of life slipping away.

And then, he rallied for a while, raised up and

pointed, with a smile, "The Dragons, Mom!, the

Dragons! See? They're here! They're here for me."

With that my little son was gone, released

from weakened days of pain, heading on out

to once more play and run in summer days.

I crawled up on his rumpled bed, and holding him,

I kissed his head, his face, his hands, as tear

drops fell, we said our last "Farewell".

The rain had come, the lightning flashed, the air

was filled with shaking crash. And as the thunder's

sound grew loud, I saw them............

Dragons in the clouds.

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