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  • Jan Strootman

Stones on the Path

Stones on the Path

I focus on stones as I stroll along

Some look fragile and others strong

How would they feel

if they became real?

One heavy to hold, life’s trials weigh it down

Another is square, bound fast to the ground

This one’s sharp corners can tear open skin

deeply wounding friends and kin

One thin and well-worn, life sad and forlorn

Another dark grey, shadowed by thorns

A rock alone, no mother or father

choosing to be away from the others

Smallish rocks huddle under sumac shrubs

safe and secure, they form their own club

A boulder stands tall among the rest

inviting us all to do our best

Pebbles that shine dazzle in light

sprinkling others with rays of delight

My shoe disturbs those slowing my way

They skitter and roll like they want to play

I swiftly walk home for steaming hot tea

musing about stones I have seen

wondering if they would look the same way

if I took this walk a different day.

—Jan Strootman


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