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Our 2019/2020 Pushcart Prize Nominations

WINK: Writers in the Know magazine’s 2019 Pushcart Prize nominations:

Small press editors are invited to send in six nominations each year from works published in their magazines. Here are mine taken from issues 7-10 and a short comment of appreciation and explanation why the piece resonated with me:

WINK issue 7: Free verse poem, “Sex in the Pantry,” by John Wellers—We LOVE poetry with a bit of an edge.

WINK issue 7: Short story, “The Beginning of the End” by Lynn Garthwaite—Our guidelines express how much WINK looks for short stories that are odd, quirky, unusual, and contain a surprising twist. It’s all here in this story.

WINK issue 8: Short Story, “Full House,” by Anita Haas—When this story appeared, each of our editors expressed appreciation of how well the author captured the progressive nature of how hoarding takes over the lives of people with this disorder.

WINK issue 9: Free verse poem, “Circle of Life,” by Connie Anderson—Use of metaphor, colorful imagery, and descriptive words.

WINK issue 9: Essay, “I Wonder…and Brain Freeze,” by Stephanie Sorensen—WINK especially appreciates essays and articles about the pleasures of a writer’s life. This was one of our favorites.

WINK issue 10: Free verse poem, “Things Ants Taught Me,” by Dr. Peter Scheponik—Use of metaphor, colorful imagery and descriptive words.

Note: There were several other articles, essays, stories and poems I wish I could have included, but six is the limit. I wish it were 10-12. WINK is grateful for the wealth of quality material we publish in each issue.


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