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  • Connie Anderson


Choices A sweet young, long-haired beauty Opened wide her red-lipped mouth to sing, Blurting out a message that’s hard to hear: “It’s too late now to do the right thing.” “What’s the right thing?” you may ask. When choosing between yin and yang, You listen to your quiet nudging conscience And then, make the choice with the loudest bang. Bang you say. What do you mean? It’s signaling left—and then turning right. It’s marrying a man to change him—and Learning you’re wrong on your wedding night. Every day, every moment of the precious day Choices we make will change our life. Do I have just one more little drink and drive home And tell a liquored-up lie to my loving wife? When you open your “out-there” mouth And the words flow out loudly like a rushing stream The random thoughts that tumble out each time Can make your life a nightmare—or an enviable dream. Some day I want to send afloat All the wrongs I’ve done to friends And watch for those nasty deeds To come back—as fresh-washed amends. So who makes the rules for you? The “wrong” and the “right” of anything Is seen through your own life lens, and It’s never too late to hear that girl sing… “It’s never too late to do the right thing.”

—Connie Anderson


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