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  • Teresa Foushee

I Miss You

I Miss You

The way you said Good Morning

So majestic in the light

The way you said Good Evening

Silhouette against the night

Firmly grounded, aiming high

Always reaching for the sky

Giving shelter from the storm

Steadfast and so true

Any one and any thing

Could always lean on you

My heart broke when they took you down

they sawed your limbs and dozed your ground

I heard your loud forsaken cry

Then down you went with one loud sigh

And all of Life together wept

For loss and promises not kept

And now I miss you day and night

And wish that I could make it right

What I can do to honor you

Is share a story that is true

I know that I will never see

A thing more lovely than a tree

—Teresa M Riggs Foushee


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