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  • Kathryn Holmes



A flower with a head rich with color

Like fresh-churned butter

And a smooth and soft touch

That melts on your cheek.

It’s a child’s bouquet

Picked with love

Passed to a mother

To bring joy and kisses.

But, it’s a weed

To be avoided at all costs.

Those who let it grow

Are judged negligent.

We must fight to keep it out

Or escape the dreaded weed.

Communities with gates

Pay heavily to leave it behind.

Although it’s vibrant

And multiplies quickly

We’re told it’s bad

And we believe it.

Get rid of the dandelion

Or it will spread

And devalue our neighborhood

Diminish our social status.

But what if it became known

As a flower of value,

A true beauty indeed,

And we learned not to fear it.

We would have less struggle and stress

Find more peace and contentment

And learn that diversity

Makes a community.

—Photo and poem by Kathryn Holmes


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