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  • Adrian Slonaker

The Wrapper

The Wrapper

Just after dusk on Duckworth

it lay helpless,

rapaciously ripped open

on chilled pavement

as self-absorbed pedestrians

stepped over it—

a Fry's Turkish Delight wrapper.

The shiny magenta hue with words

exploding in pseudo-exotic font,

still flashy and attractive,

no longer mattered since the

chocolate and rose jelly

prized by consumers had been plucked.

Should I discard the wrapper into the dumpster

as a nod to earth beautifiers everywhere

or leave it for the relief of a dateless dude

who might've drunkenly scribbled a ginger's number on it

or of a grieving teacher who might've saved the casing

of the final cherished confection chosen

by her recently deceased dad?

The wind decided for me,

carrying the wrapper into rush-hour traffic,

where I last spotted it kissing

an Uber driver's rear tire.

—Adrian Slonaker


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