• William Waters

An Old Love Song

An Old Love Song

No apologies.

I'm crying again.

The time is here and I am now,

but the past hangs 'round my head

like an unfinished future; I want

you need.

We keep reading the Bible for clues:

God says do this, don't do that,

and the song seems to go on forever;

believing half-heartedly that we are

believers, walking with an umbrella

talking about the rain.

I don't know who's right;

can't say who's wrong—

I just don't feel

all good inside.

Now it could be love

but I think it's the dark;

I feel so cold—

nakedness steals my pain, so

I wish

for you,

but you've left


Then, when neither has another

and we're so alone together,

it feels almost like we could make it

—though you've told me that we can't.

—William Waters


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