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  • Changming Yuan

Directional Denotations

Directional Denotations

South: not unlike a raindrop

on a small lotus leaf

unable to find the spot

to settle itself down

in an early autumn shower

my little canoe drifts around

near the horizon

beyond the bare bay

West: like a giddy goat

wandering among the ruins

of a long-lost civilization

you keep searching

in Central Park

a way out of the tall weeds

as nature wraps New York

with mummy blue

East: within her beehive-like room

so small that a yawning stretch

would readily awaken

the whole apartment building

she draws a picture on the wall

of a tremendous tree

that keeps growing

until it shoots up

from the cemented roof

North: after the storm

all dust hung up

in the crowded air

with his human face

frozen into a dot of dust

and a rising speckle of dust

melted into his face

to avoid this cold climate

of his Antarctic dream

he relocated his naked soul

at the dawn of summer

—Changming Yuan


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