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  • Cole W. Williams

Mulching Series


An Observation on Our Need to Control Our Lawns

to mulch 1


to assume

all is well below

and no weeds


to mulch 2

to tuck in

and tidy your dress

so that corset to bodice


a seamless preservation

to mulch 3

obsessive pitch-forking

we thirst for

this fork like

we’ve sown something

long before

to mulch 4

first day

we glitter our eyes

to the settled dust

as perfectly placed perennial

buttons pop

to mulch 5

so that you control

thin strips of turf

to accompany guests

their footsteps to your door


to mulch 6

plants will rise

from this wood bed

no matter how high

mulch is stacked

to mulch 7

a sure sign we

control the earth

and color it an

improved hue of red

to mulch 8

a disorderly bunch

these chips that escape the line

annoyed at their free-roaming


to mulch 9


because without it

is dirt

and dirt is barbaric

nurturing the miscreant

and anything could happen

to mulch 10

explain this

Woodland Garden

to me again

we don’t remove sticks

we don’t remove leaves

…and we don’t mulch

—Cole W. Williams


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