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  • Justin Hyde

Justin Hyde, 2 poems

this morning as we walk along the iowa river

she wants a promise of forever.

i want to tell her: if your ex-husband put down the bottle

i think you would go back to him; the way we sometimes spend

all day arguing about a speck of dust in a pot of gold exhausts me;

the way you treat waiters-waitresses—& your own children

terrifies me; all these things ossify

my mind

into an ineffable equation

yielding uncertainty.

i want to put all that

in the palm of my hand

gently blow it

into her ear.

but i’ve learned

my words

are often scalpels.

so i bend down

pick up a flat purple rock

off the sandbar:


it skips

over clear


—Justin Hyde

you-gorgeous strange-life

full of words like:



& dragoon:

thumb-nail moon

dappled moon

three-sixty moon savage as owl:

indonesian women

southern women

midwestern women:

hearts like


thighs like seals

in a polar bear’s


—Justin Hyde


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