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Introducing FuzionPrint

We are pleased to introduce our latest sponsor, printer, and fulfillment house, FuzionPrint. FuzionPrint is a printing and fulfillment company providing digital print services. Their products are reasonably priced, and artfully created by a company with years of printing and fulfillment experience. This is what makes FuzionPrint an excellent choice for presenters, businesses, and, authors who have a challenging print project, because they’ve already heard the same questions—and have the answers. The company’s goal is to listen to your request, offer options and deliver competitive services. Digital print is their core business. They provide the items you need such as books, postcards, bookmarks, banners, business cards, and rack cards. They also have resources; editors and proofreaders as well as interior designers, cover designers, illustrators, and shipping specialists. We believe you’ll find our attention to your needs unsurpassed. Please call 612-781-2815

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