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  • Patrick O'Regan

Love Poem (No. 4)

I came to you in my mind

Before we joined in our bliss.

In my fervid heart,

I caught the sweet scent of your skin,

The smooth, softness of your flesh,

Your smoldering eyes—drawing me in,

The intoxicating lushness of your hair,

The taste of our kisses,

Even the strong caress of your thighs.

How we sailed on a passionate sea

Of ecstatic delight!

With you, as often, taking charge—

‘Lie still’—in the dark of the night.

Plunging down, down, down,

Into the enchantment of your body.

Joined, blasted and swept away with you.

O, the wonder, the wonder

The wonder of you!

—Patrick O’Regan


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