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  • Richard King Perkins II

Richard King Perkins II: two poems

Skinned Savanna

If I were younger,

then there would be a younger man

coming to find you

across the skinned savanna

and when he found you

he would stake his spear

in the ground outside your hut

and importune you with great magics

and togetherly you would

build tiny canopies of imago

across plains of dust and straw;

if I were only a younger man—

but before me now, yellowing,

is the fresh core of an apple

I don’t remember eating.

—Richard King Perkins II

Disappearance of the Tiny Dolls

Tiny dolls of her childhood

propagate within cardboard hiding places

like so many purring tribbles

keen to reassume their former mantle.

Creations of the vacuform age

they smile up at us

from a disjointed shoebox

with eager optimism

like the kids we once were

or the children

we were supposed to have

or the babies we did have

which were accidentally lost

and that we somehow managed to forget.

—Richard King Perkins II


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