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Our nomination for 2018 Pushcart Prize

Most of you are familiar with the prestigious Pushcart Prize. If not, please go here to learn more ( It is our honor to nominate Jim Zola of Greensboro, North Carolina, for his poem, The Morning of My Death, which appeared in issue 2 of WINK: Writers in the Know magazine.

This is something any writer can proudly mention and add to their writer's resume regardless of whether or not they win the prize. To be "nominated for a Pushcart Prize" is an honor itself.

Here is Jim’s poem:

The Morning of My Death

For it most certainly will be morning, someone forgets to shut the front door. The dog wanders out and away and is forgotten, adopted by a family with eight children – one more mouth doesn’t matter. The door comes unhinged. How many times did I take a hammer and whack the damn thing back into place? The house too is falling apart. Somewhere in the confusion is a list of things that need doing. I told you I was going out to get the paper. I forgot to shut the door.

--Jim Zola

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