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When people ask, "What kinds of material are you looking for?"

Short stories (up to 1500 words) and flash fiction (about 500-750 words): Setting aside the biggest factor, limited space, what do I say when people ask me what kinds of material we like? We want unusual stories with a twist at the end. Surprise us. Take a risk. Send us the piece you wrote years ago and never knew where it belonged. Pull out the story you wrote one day when your wild side had broken loose. Do you think it's a little too quirky and odd for most tastes? Over the top? We want to see it. What's the worst that can happen, right? We don't bite.

As for poetry: We prefer free verse and form poetry (up to about 32 lines), but not sing-song rhymed poems. And please don't send us tribute poems dedicated to deceased loved ones or pets. We're also not a platform for political or religious opinions. We want you to come to us naked, raw, and edgy. Make it stick. Raise our eyebrows. Make us want to go back and read it again.


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