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Linda M. Crate: two poems

fumbling shadow once alive

the matchstick girl

fumbles her fingers,

and is given

no mercy for it;

she has one job they tell her

one job and she is failing—

they see her tears,

but they do not know or care

to see her pain;

forsaken by everyone she only

has herself and her shadow

like ink upon the snow but there

is nowhere she can call home

but her tragedy

so she continues to singing

though with every note her heart is

further breaking—

there is no happy ending,

and no knight to save her and she

has not strength enough to leave this place;

trapped in dire straights

she continues with the job that steals away

a part of her soul

because rent won't pay itself after all

even if she can't eat

she tells herself it's worth it to see the moon

in the night sky.

freed of hedging

if there was

an inter rupture

would it be the same

as being


because you shattered so many

things inside of me

i don't know if i'll ever get them

all sewn back together

some wounds supercede even scars,

and always remain

as salt;

you burn in my memories

how many hours

slip away

out of the hour glass as i remain in this

place of you and i?

go now, goblin king,

here in this place there is only room for once of us

i will remain—

too many hours, too many days

wasted in that place

of you & i

now it's only me,

and i will not weep;

for i am freed of your hedging.

Published in WINK: Writers in the Know, issue 1

#LindaMCrate #poetry

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