• Nadia Giordana

Issue 1 is Published. Come Get it!

Issue 1 is published! You can get your copy any time. Just go to the Issues tab, or find us on MagCloud. This is the link: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/1323628 .

Featuring collage artist Eugenia Loli and poet, Shawn Nacona Stroud. Also in this issue (alphabetical by first name):

c.e. kasun—Dayton, Minnesota

Cole W. Williams—Newport, Minnesota

John Grey—Johnston Rhode Island/Australia

Kiki Stamatiou—Kalamazoo, Michigan

Kyle Hemmings—Westfield, New Jersey

Linda Crate—Meadville, Pennsylvania

Lynn Garthwaite—Bloomington, Minnesota

Mary Deal—Phoenix, Arizona

Michael Rossberg—South St. Paul, Minnesota

Myrna D. Badgerow—Houma, Louisiana

Nadia Giordana—Dayton, Minnesota

Sue Midlock—Joliet, Illinois

Wendy Brown-Baez—Columbia Heights, Minnesota

William Parsons—Fort Worth, Texas

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