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Issue 1 Cover Art

We were overjoyed to get the nod from Internationally known, collage artist, filmmaker, and illustrator, Eugenia Loli ( born and raised in Athens, Greece, now living in California) to use selected pieces of her work on the cover and in the pages of WINK. Isn't this an eye-catching cover look for Issue 1? As a small budget, creative endeavor, we are deeply appreciative of the writers and artists who trust us enough to share their work in our pages. We are a new magazine, but not a newcomer to small press publishing. WINK is our latest incarnation, but we do have a good track record of quality publications. Our past lives: Mississippi Crow and Poetry in Motion magazines. Oh, and Taste Odyssey, a food specialty newspaper.

Black & white 1950s image of a woman shouting with multi-color panels in background

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